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While most trailer manufacturers are only interested in how fast and how cheap they can produce trailers, GoBob feels that everyone deserves to have a trailer to fit their individual needs and wants. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Shown below are just some of the “special” things we have done for customers
that make the job they do easier and faster, allowing them to make more money.




Flat Bed Custom Options – 30ft with 10k axles

Maurice Dunseth of Houston, MO ordered his 30' Red Rhino with: Tool Box, Equipment Box, Rear Stabilizers, Rhino Ramps, Electric over hydraulic drum brakes, and a winch mount.



Flat Bed Custom Options – Forest Green Dovetail

Michael Grasha of Hartford, AR picked out a cool Forest Green for his new 30' flatbed. Custom options include: Toolbox with 2 locking doors, 2 spare tires, L.E.D Lights, Sliding Rachets, Magnum Hydraulic Jacks and of course the HydraSLED Dovetail!



Flat Bed Custom Options – Lime Green Dovetail

Benjamin Sexauer of Allen, TX ordered this hot looking 32' Lime Green Beast with many custom options including: Dovetail modified to reach a 53in. dock height, 15,000 lb. axles, 3in.40k coupler, 235R17.5 tires, custom D ring placement, Beast neck w/ toolbox and 2 locking doors and a under deck tire rack for spare storage



Flat Bed Custom Options – 10K Super Singles

Jerry from Castwood, Virginia ordered his trailer with
10,000 lb. Dexter axles with four single tires instead of duals.
Each of these 215 75R 17.5 tires are 16 ply and are
rated at 6500 lbs. each. Jerry feels he gets
better fuel economy and has less maintenance
and replacement cost with these tires.


Flatbed Custom Options - RHINO Ramps

Tom from Fair Oaks, California ordered his trailer with
our RHINO Ramps. Tom wanted his employees to be
able to load and unload vehicles without worrying
about missing the ramps. He also ordered his trailer
with Low Pro construction and extended the ramps
to six feet making it possible for him to load practically
anything on wheels, regardless of the ground clearance.


Flatbed Custom Options – Underbody Spare Tire Racks and Tool Boxes

Curtis from Lusk, Wyoming is in the drilling business and
needs a lot of storage. We installed water resistant
underbody tool boxes and spare tire storage racks
on both side of his trailer. Since he hauls a lot of heavy
loads, we also installed 15,000 lb. axles with electric over
hydraulic brakes. To make it really easy to unhitch,
Curtis also wanted hydraulic jacks.


Flatbed Custom Options – The BEAST

Clayton from Mounds, Oklahoma went all out for efficiency and convenience. He wanted the BEAST style neck to give him easier access to his truck bed but he
also wanted easy storage of his straps and plenty of places to tie down, so we installed sliding ratchets and lots of D-rings. For easy loading of equipment, he went with six foot ramps and a winch mount. Guess he does some night loading because he wanted loading lights and back up lights along with his LED’s.


Flatbed Custom Options – Oilfield Work

Kent Blough, one of our dealers out of Wilsall, Montana ordered a BEAST off road trailer for one of his customers in the oilfield service business. We put 15,000 lb. axles on it complete with electric over hydraulic brakes and put hydraulic jacks on all four corners so the customer could completely level his trailer. To make it really special, we added underbody storage tubes so his customer could safely store the hoses he uses in his business.


Flatbed Custom Options – Hydraulic Dovetail (the patented HydraSled)

Kevin from Ulster, Pennsylvania hauls some heavy loads and needed to be all to use all 40 feet of his trailer loaded so he went with our patented hydraulic dovetail system, 12,000 lb. axles and upgraded to 14 ply radials. To make it easy to hitch and unhitch we installed the hydraulic jacks and to make it look sharp Kevin opted for chrome simulators.

Flat Bed Custom Options – 25,000lb Bulldog Hitch

Adrian from Charlotte, North Carolina hauls heavy equipment and sometimes it needs to be winched onto his trailer so we installed a winch mount and really went all out in making the trailer user friendly. 12,000 lb. Dexter axles, complete with electric over hydraulic brakes and 14 ply radials, coupled with a 25,000 lb. Bulldog hitch really give him a comfort level when he is loaded to the max. Sliding ratchets and extra D-rings gives him plenty of tie down options. An underbody water resistant tool box gives him plenty of storage and the hydraulic jacks make it a breeze to hitch and unhitch.


Flatbed Custom Options - Third Ramp

Jerry from Plainview, Texas hauls antique tractors and a lot of them have tricycle wheels so we added a third ramp to his Low Profile trailer. We also installed nine sliding ratchets so he can position them anywhere he needs them but he also did something else pretty smart; he had us stay with 10,000 lb. axles but we installed 12,000 lb. suspension. This lets him haul heavy when he needs to but keeps his gross vehicle weight rating down at 20,000 lbs.


Flatbed Custom Option – 8,000 lb. Axles

Willard from Reno, Nevada wanted to be able to haul more weight than a standard 7K (two 7000 lb. axles) but did not want to have a CDL in the event he used it for non-farm use. So we installed 8,000 lb. axles. He also selected a pop-up center between the ramps so he would have a level bed for hauling hay. He also requested LED lights and he wanted the space between the bulkhead beams covered with expanded metal.


Flatbed Custom Option – Hydraulic Jacks

Dennis from Lees Summit Missouri has a business that installs water lines andsprinkler systems so he needed a versatile trailer that could haul his machinery and equipment but also haul the pipe he installs.  Our hydraulic dovetail fixed him up and our hydraulic jacks make hitching and unhitching fast and efficient.


Flatbed Custom Option – 2 Speed Jack

Cathy from Moab, Utah went shopping for a flatbed with
hauling weight in mind! She found her trailer in this Red Rhino
with 2 Speed Jacks. The jacks make the trailer easier to handle
even with a full load. Concerned about the the loading and
unloading process as well, she also opted
for the extended 6ft ramps.


Flatbed Custom Option – Oasis Farms

More Coming Soon!


Flatbed Custom Option – Gray Hydraulic Jacks

Robert's Gray Red Rhino from Midland Texas
More Coming Soon!


Flatbed Custom Option – Dovetail

Stephan's trailer from Goldsby, Oklahoma
More Coming Soon!


Flatbed Custom Option – Air Brakes

Diamond G Ranch's trailer out of Hurricane, Utah
More Coming Soon!


Flatbed Custom Option – Matches My Favorite Truck

Turley Wine Cellar's trailer from Saint Helena, California
More Coming Soon!



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