Build Your Trailer – 10k Series Hydraulic Dovetail

10K: Dual Wheel, Dual Tandem Axle Hydraulic Dovetail

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  • Like all Red Rhino gooseneck flatbed trailers, the 10K Hydraulic Dovetail (two
    10,000 lb. axles, upgradeable to 12K) is designed and engineered for durability.
    The competition builds trailers just good enough to "get by", barely meeting DOT
    requirements. Red Rhino sets it's own standard by exceeding all requirements.

    Remember this when comparing Red Rhino's basic specifications with a competitor:
    If they don't list the size, weight and thickness of their parts, they probably have
    something to hide.

    Please don't hesitate to call a Gobob Pipe and Steel representative for questions
    about any of the following standard 10K Hydraulic Dovetail specifications.

    HYDRAULIC DOVETAIL – featuring the patented HydraSled locking system.
    BATTERIES – TWO 12 Volt military grade with onboard battery tender.
    COUPLER – Bulldog 20,000 lb.
    NECK – 12" 19 lb. wide flange beams.
    MAIN BEAMS – 12" 19 lb. wide flange beams.
    TORSION TUBE – 4.50" OD .250" Wall 10.97lb. per ft.
    PERIMETER FRAME – 2" x 6" x .188" Wall Rectangular Tubing
    BUMPER – 4" x 6" .250" Wall Rectangular Tubing
    CROSSMEMBERS – 1.50" x 3" x .120 Wall Rectangular Tubing on 16" centers
    RUB RAIL – 2" x .375" Flat Bar
    PIPE SPOOLS – 1.90" Schedule 40
    AXLES – 10,000lb. Dexter Oil Bath
    PAINT – Primer plus 2 coats of hardened acrylic enamel top and underside.
    WIRING – Jacketed wiring w/ gel filled connectors all enclosed and protected
    JACKS – Twin Bulldog 12,000lb. self-retracting (spring assisted)
    DECKING – 2"x 8" M2C (non-corrosive) treated pine fastened every cross-member
    TIRES – 235/85R 16 steel belted radials
    RAMPS – Double spring assisted, double hinged w/ load stabilizers (built in house)
    TOOL BOX – 46" x 14" x 24" .188" plate steel (largest in industry)
    SIDE STEPS – Serrated top steps w/ safety handles on both sides of trailer
    DECK HEIGHT – 33"Low Profile
    SPRINGS – Six leaf slipper
    SAFETY - Break-away safety kit and DOT reflective tape.
    LIMITED WARRANTY – Two year structural

    Hydraulic Dovetail
    HydraSled (patent pending) hydraulic dovetail locking system. Eliminates pins,
    levers and road rattle. Only Red Rhino has it.

  • Bull Dog 20,000 lb.